Formosa, J. P., R. Cauchi, et al. (2015). "Carbon allotropes exhibiting negative linear compressibility." Physica Status Solidi (B) Basic Research.

Negative linear compressibility, i.e., the phenomenon of expansion rather than shrinkage in at least one direction upon the application of a hydrostatic compressive pressure is an unusual techanical property which is attracting more interest in the recent years. Here, through analysis of published data by Hu et al. [J. Superhard Mater. 36, 257–269 (2014)] as well as through static force-field based simulations, it is shown that it is possible to achieve this property in the novel carbon allotropes built from sp2 and sp3 hybridized carbon atoms which have a two-dimensional projection that resembles a honeycomb motif in their (001) plane. This is in accordance with earlier predictions that honeycombs deforming through a hinging-like mechanism could exhibit this property for certain geometries.