Huang, L., Z. Xiang, et al. (2013). "A porous diamond carbon framework: A new carbon allotrope with extremely high gas adsorption and mechanical properties." Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1(12): 3851-3855.

Since the C60 and graphene were discovered, carbon allotropes have attracted an increasing attention. Here we designed a porous diamond-like carbon framework (named as D-carbon) by inserting -CC- linkers into all the C-C bonds in a diamond, which is a new carbon allotrope formed by sp3-sp hybridized carbon atoms. Interestingly, the porous D-carbon exhibits a high bulk modulus of 91.7 GPa, which is one order of magnitude larger than other porous MOF and COF materials. Moreover, the D-carbon also shows an extremely high excess volumetric methane uptake of 255 v(STP)/v at 298 K and 35 bar, largely exceeding the target (180 v(STP)/v) of US DOE and all other porous materials.