Grochala, W. (2007). "Atypical compounds of gases, which have been called 'noble'." Chemical Society Reviews 36(10): 1632-1655.

In this critical review I describe fascinating experimental and theoretical advances in 'noble gas' chemistry during the last twenty years, and have taken a somewhat unexpected course since 2000. I also highlight perspectives for further development in this field, including the prospective synthesis of compounds containing as yet unknown Xe-element and element-Xe-element bridging bonds, peroxide species containing Xe, adducts of XeF2 with various metal fluorides, Xe-element alloys, and novel pressure-stabilized covalently bound and host-guest compounds of Xe. A substantial part of the essay is devoted to the-as yet experimentally unexplored-behaviour of the compounds of Xe under high pressure. The blend of science, history, and theoretical predictions, will be valued by inorganic and organic chemists, materials scientists, and the community of theoretical and experimental high-pressure physicists and chemists (151 references).