San-Miguel, A. and P. Toulemonde (2005). "High-pressure properties of group IV dathrates." High Pressure Research 25(3): 159-185.

We review the investigations on clathrate materials having C, Si, Ge or Sn framework atoms in which the pressure parameter plays an important role. In this article, we studied the synthesis of clathrates, superconducting properties and those studies relative to the structural cohesivity and phase diagrams. We have tried to extensively review these subjects. Key references on other important properties of the group IV clathrates are provided in the introductory sections. As a main result of this review, we note that pressure appears as a key parameter for the elaboration of present and future clathrates in particular those exhibiting superconducting properties. We show how high-pressure research has also played an important role in the understanding of the parameters governing clathrate superconductivity. In contrast, the study of the structural evolution of group IV clathrates (bulk modulus and stability) gives abundant clues for tailoring new materials with improved mechanical properties. Finally, practically all investigations converge to point out that today hypothetical carbon clathrates are candidates for extraordinary superconducting and mechanical properties.